Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016

Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016.This 2016 year offers fashionable tattoos that are really creative. The more you think of your tattoo the more you discover that there are various designs that can be used as tattoo ideas. In this article we’ll represent 15 awesome tattoo ideas for 2016. If you are planning to get a tattoo, then you’d better keep on reading to know what tattoos are fashionable this year.

So, the most stylish tattoo ideas are: quote tattoos, white tattoos, animal tattoos, Celtic knot tattoos, Asian tattoo designs, lock and key tattoos, heartbeat or EKG line tattoos, symbol tattoos, heart tattoos, hourglass tattoo ideas, 3D tattoos, dreamcathcer tattoos, diamond tattoos, statue tattoos and ankle tattoos. Now, we’ll discuss each of them.

Ankle tattoos: Ankle tattoos are worn both by men and women. Depending on your gender you can choose a design that will look beautiful on your ankle. The options are various and the designs are often in smaller sizes.Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016 (1)Dreamcathcer tattoos: Being common tattoo design among Native Americans dreamchater tattoos are now used by each nation. They are very tender and have fascinating symbolization. We have devoted a special article for dreamcatcher tattoos and if you are interested in it’s designs you can have a look at the pictures we have collected.Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016 (6)Heart tattoos: there are innovative ways and designs for heart tattoos. Taking into consideration the modern approaches towards art tattoo artists also create incredible shapes of heart tattoos. They are always fashionable but choose the most creative ideas for 2016.Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016 (Symbol tattoos: Symbol tattoos give us a great opportunity of representing our way of thinking without using many words. They represent special meanings that are well-known all over the word. The symbols of infinity, peace, music note and the alike can be great symbol tattoos. Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016 (5)UV ink tattoos: another fashionable tattoo that is suitable for 2016, since it is too creative and gradually becomes loved by young people. The way it is reflected under dark light is just wonderful. You can get any design you like and keep in mind that almost all white tattoos can be seen under certain light conditions.Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016 (4)White ink tattoos: white ink tattoos recently became much requested tattoos, they differ from darker inked tattoos and can be easily hidden. If you want to get a white tattoo it is recommended to find a professional tattoo artist not to be disappointed at the end. These tattoos are not so simple to be done.Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016 (3)Quote tattoos: generally quote tattoos are very eye-catching and they express our thoughts that we don’t want to say out loud. You can take quotes from your favorite song or book, or just something that expresses your own way of thinking.Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016 (2)Heartbeat or EKG line tattoos: recently there is an obvious tendency of wearing heartbeat or the so called EKG line tattoos. It is very original and looks quite meaningful. People wear it on their chest, hand or any other visible part. It is simple and doesn’t demand many colors. If you really think that this tattoo is the one you always looked for then pick a nice shape and go ahead.Amazing Tattoos for Women 2016 (7)


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