Best Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016

Best Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016.Whether it’s done in the name of art, religion, beliefs, remembrance, or simply for the fun of it, tattoos are incredibly popular and only increasing in popularity in the female world. But this body modification shouldn’t be taken lightly- it’ll be there for the rest of your life-so before you jump into the seat and let the artist work his buzzing magic, check out these tattoo designs for some really great inspiration!

1. Anchor With Roses – Thigh PieceBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016 (1)There’s no doubt about it. This anchor piece with interlacing roses is absolutely stunning. And with anchor tattoos and thigh tattoos being so utterly popular this year, this is a seriously trendy and fashion forward tat that’s nothing short of awesome.

2. Flyaway Birds – Back PieceBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016 (2)Birds are another incredibly trendy tattoo idea that women absolutely adore. These small, feminine birds adorn the entire upper half of her back, leaving her with a gorgeous and super stylish piece that is dainty and cute.

3. Skull and Rose – Back ShoulderBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016 (3)Ah yes, of course. The ever popular skull and rose tattoo. You simply can’t go wrong with this idea. It’s a classic and it always looks good- especially in this particular back shoulder position. We love the detail of this skull and the large red rose gives it a bit of sexy feminine pizazz

4. Large Dreamcatcher – Side PieceBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016 (4)Who cares if this dreamcatcher piece was inspired by diva Miley Cyrus- you can’t argue that this is an incredibly sexy and downright awesome tattoo idea. We love how the dreamcatcher looks as though it’s swaying in the wind- certainly an added touch that pulls this whole miraculous dreamcatcher side piece together.

5. “Believe” Quote – Finger PieceBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016This year it’s all about tiny finger tattoos that have a quote with some sort of meaning, as demonstrated perfectly by this gorgeous small tat above. We love this tattoo idea because it’s tiny, feminine, yet holds plenty of meaning. The addition of the tiny bird only adds to the beauty of this pint-sized piece of art.

6. Dreamcatcher – Back PieceBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016 (6)You’re probably aware of how immensely popular dreamcatcher tattoos are. But if you want to separate yourself from the rest and go above and beyond, here’s an amazing tattoo idea: an entire back piece dedicated to a multi-story dreamcatcher with plenty of detailing. Leave it black and white or add some color to really make this catcher pop!

7. Cute Flower – Hip PieceBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016 (7)Want to keep it hip and cute? Then this is definitely a tattoo design to consider! It’s simple, but not understated. The flower is flirty and fun and the little splash of swiveled lines and details really bring this tattoo together wonderfully. And we absolutely adore the location! It really doesn’t get any more flirty and stylish than this.

8. Tiny Back Cross – Back PieceBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016 (8)If you’re a follower of the tiny tattoo fad, you’ll love this adorable tattoo design. It’s a simple, yet highly detailed gothic inspired cross placed directly on the spine. The outcome? An incredibly sexy, yet low-key tattoo that looks gorgeous.

9. Lock and Key – Rib PieceBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016 (9)Okay, what girl doesn’t love a good old fashion lock and key? Especially one adorned with a lovely, little pink bow? This tattoo design is the definition of girly attitude. Located on the ribs and polished off with a meaningful quote, this lovely tat is as flirty as it is completely sexy.

10. Colorful Feather – Side PieceBest Tattoo Designs For Women In 2016 (10)Feathers are another one of those 2016 must-have tattoos. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re incredibly feminine yet have an old world, simplistic touch that can’t be ignored. We love this feather tattoo because it’s bursting with colors and covers the entire side. Crazy hot!

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