Gemini Tattoo Designs

Gemini Tattoo Designs.The Gemini tattoo has been certified as some of the most popular astrological tattoos. They fall in the third number among the twelve zodiac signs. Gemini is dominated by the planet Mercury and its symbolic representation is a pair of twins. The sign of Gemini has been associated with the Greek God Hermes along with two other twin Greek gods; Apollo and Artemis. People belonging to this zodiac sign always desire for some spice in their life. They are diplomats and sophisticated people and can be quite hesitant at times and are known to be lively, intellectual and eloquent. Gemini tattoos can be depicted and interpreted in various ways, depending on the style and pattern the tattoo enthusiast would like to use. Some of the best Gemini tattoos have been enlisted in the following paragraphsGemini Tattoo Designs (16) Gemini Tattoo Designs (1)The sign of the twins is calling you! Ah, Geminis. We celebrate the duality within ourselves by getting it inked on our bodies. Your star sign pitches you are a a creative wanderer, that is prone to having two elements to their personality. These awesome Gemini star sign tattoos will leave no doubt in observers’ minds as to who you are! Gemini Tattoo Designs (2) Gemini Tattoo Designs (3) Gemini Tattoo Designs (4)Between the 21st of May and the 21st of June, the sun enters the house of Gemini reigning in the first days of summer. This star sign has a quality that is mutable with a positive charge. If you were born within this period, you will have a heart that is smitten and a mind that is secretly wandering.

If you’re rocking a Gemini tattoo, you are telling the world a few things. You are telling the world that you have a curious mind which is always passionate for new things. You are also saying that you are a little crazy, quite creative, and impossible to pin down. As boredom is dominant part of your personality, your energy is ever changing and evolving into something new and exciting.Gemini Tattoo Designs (5) Gemini Tattoo Designs (6) Gemini Tattoo Designs (7) Gemini Tattoo Designs (8)Displaying the zodiac on your body does not have to lack creativity. This pair of identical fish depicts the Gemini trait in color. The fish also carry their own meaning. They display your courage and will to achieve your goals. Be inspired and inspire those around you by flaunting your beliefs.According to astrological mythology, the individual twins are quick witted and if the conversation is slow, the Gemini will lose their desire. For those who view this tattoo with these pretty twins wearing headgear with elaborate detailing, the impression that it will leave can be unforgettable. Gemini Tattoo Designs (9) Gemini Tattoo Designs (10) Gemini Tattoo Designs (11) Gemini Tattoo Designs (12)When it comes to lettering in tattoos, the gothic script is a good way to display you star sign. As Gemini’s love to let the creative juices flow, create fonts, merge colors, let the ink make a statement about you.This tattoo celebrates a Gemini birth! It states that a star is born, represents a bright light in the universe! This tattoo can also represent a shining point in your life. Shine with the stars that are synchronized with your astrological birth sign.Gemini Tattoo Designs (13)Gemini Tattoo Designs (15)Gemini Tattoo DesignsIf you watched Warner Bros’ Looney Tunes as a kid, you would be very familiar with the angel and devil sitting on your shoulders having nonstop conversations about the decisions that you’re about to make. This tattoo represents the same with a little bit of Ying and Yang and a bit of sexiness. You are no angel. Good and evil co-exit and often represent the balance of the two forces that make up this reality. If you have no fears, be yourself and bare your soul like the Gemini Twins.

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