Popular Tattoo Trends 2016

Popular Tattoo Trends 2016. It is so difficult to be in style all the time with fashion changing every day. There are some trends that never lose their popularity. Of course I am talking about tattoos! But, tattooing is not only a fashion statement! It is passion, expression, confession, compulsion, obsession and others -sions) only with positive meaning. It’s a bold and stylish way to demonstrate your individuality, to mark your creed, to stamp your beliefs for all to see.
Still, there are trends in tattoo fashion as well. Let’s find out what are the latest and the most fabulous styles in the tattoo world.

1. Finger tattoos
Popular Tattoo Trends 2016A small tattoo attracts attention no less than a larger tattoo that is especially immediate of interest for girls. Finger tattoos look fricky and exotic. It is a vibrancy of its own! It’s a true art that recently became a trend. Celebrities picked up this trend with great pleasure. Now finger tattoos adorn Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and many other famous ladies. A tattoo actually so fun to have! By the way, you can start your tattoo experience with finger tattoos, as long as it doesn’t attract a lot of attention and they look so darn classy.
There’s a lot of room for imagination here – lines, bizzare symbols, infinity signs, simple letters or words, cute tiny portraits, nice patterns.

2. Couple tattoos
2. Couple tattoosGetting a “Couple’s Tattoo” is an amazing and sincere way to express your love. The Couple’s Tattoo is about everlasting, forever love. It looks so touchy! It means you committed to your beloved till the end of your life, as inks last forever.
Couple tattoos can be matching or the same; can have particular meaning that is understandable for only the two of you or just the love quotes you like. They can be funny or inspiring.

3. White tattoo
3. White tattooWhite ink tattoos are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. These tattoos are made with white inks than can look really subtle and makes it even more cryptic. Remember the white tats are inked with more thickened inks to make it visible, so it may look incuse. It completely differs from regular tattoos in style and technique and they can be slinged with UV inks that make it glow!

4. Under boobs tattoos
4. Under boobs tattoosTattoos long ago stopped being an attribute or symbol of youth rebellion or of brutal rock musicians. Today under breast tattoos have become extremely popular among women. Under-boob tats can both draw attention for the right person or it can be easily concealed from prying eyes.

5. Ribs tattoos
5. Ribs tattoosAmong the huge variety of tattoos, rib tats occupy a special place. They are usually chosen by creative people wishing to express themselves, to tell the world about their feelings, but at the same time not to attract attention in everyday life. A large area allows to sling on the body not only the whole poem, but also a luxury picture that can be later extended to the back, shoulder, boobs or stomach.

6. Under ear tattoos
6. Under ear tattoosIf you are a fan of tiny inks, you’ll love this trend the most. Women always like to attract attention to ears, it is very sensitive and sexy place on female body.
So, as the fashion goes forward; ear piercing is no longer enough. Here comes under ear tattoos. It’s very comfortable – it doesn’t meet the eye, you can hide it behind your hair and it is truly creative.

7. Tattoos inspired by books
7. Tattoos inspired by booksThis amazing type of tattoo became in vogue most recently.
Do you love “Alice in a Wonderland”? Is “The Lord of The Rings” your bed-side book? Pick a hero or saying and let the master transform it into a tattoo!


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