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Best Tattoo 2016 Designs

Best Tattoo 2016 Designs.Here’s a collection of great ideas for tattoos collected from all over the web.  I’ve included some awesome ink for men and women including some varied small and large designs. We all like fashion and always find some new ways of fashion and beauty. Our generation always ready to try something new in the fashion and trend. Tattoo ... Read More »

Tattoos for Men 2016

Tattoos for Men 2016. Whether black or colorful, bold or elegant, let’s get down to the point and agree that we love tattoos. I am certainly attracted to well-executed ink and recognize work that is both a flattering size and on an attractive body part. Are you wondering what makes a tattoo attractive? This is a matter of artistry, symbolism, ... Read More »

Best Wedding Tattoos Ideas

Best Wedding Tattoos Ideas.Wedding is the most special occasion in our lives. Wedding traditions and accessories vary according to the culture, ethnic, and social classes. There are many rituals in the wedding event and involve presenting gifts. Many wedding accessories are included in this event and wedding band tattoo is another important commodity in addition to videos, pictures, which is ... Read More »

Best Tattoos 2016

Best Tattoos 2016.In 2016 we saw a ton of spectacular tattoos. Incredible designs were unleashed into the tattoo world on the daily. It’s safe to say that the artists of today continue to defy expectations of what a tattooer can do with human skin. Ten years ago, many would have assumed that tattoo styles such as realism would not translate well on the human body. There ... Read More »

Watch Tattoo Designs 2016

Watch Tattoo Designs 2016.Many years ago, pocket watches were a common accessory in men’s fashion. Pocket watches are still available for purchase, and many have been passed from generation to generation as heirlooms. If you have one of these, you have a distinctive theme that combines the history of your family with a design that probably will not be for ... Read More »

Basel Tattoo 2016

Basel Tattoo 2016.The Basel Tattoo is a military music event that attracts only the very best bands from across the globe and thus covers all music genres, from march to rock, folk to classical music. We strive not only to show the diversity of top international bands, but also to produce a show filled with musical highlights. Breathtaking choreographies, beautiful ... Read More »

Arrow Tattoo Design 2016

Arrow Tattoo Design 2016.Arrow tattoos has been an important element of tattoo designs. Arrow tattoos are so simple and attractive. Arrow can create such an interesting part of the design, By changing its looks as well as its meaning behind it. There is no any special color need to complete an arrow tattoo design. As its simple that arrow design ... Read More »

Unique Sun Tattoo Designs 2016

Unique Sun Tattoo Designs 2016.Sun is the source of life. Sun is always give us inspiration to shine. There are many religious and significance facts related about to sun from Ancient culture. From the past century, people assume sun is our God and it always there to protect. There were many cultures in the past who believe that Sun is ... Read More »

Hamsa Tattoo Design 2016

Hamsa Tattoo Design 2016.Hamsa tattoo is one of the unique tattoos that have a deep spiritual meaning. This tattoo contains specific symbols that have a spiritual relevance. The tattoo basically entails a hand with an eye on it. The eye is believed to contain specific powers.  Hamsa or The khamsa, also known as the Hand of Fatima or Miriam, shown ... Read More »

Amazing Feather Tattoo Designs

 Amazing Feather Tattoo Designs.The feather tattoo is one of the most sought after tattoo design given its cultural symbolism and heritage. The feather tattoo comes in different styles and designs and has quite a rich background with meaning which mostly depicts the character of the bird it’s taken from. Feather tattoos carry such a unique unisex tattoo element that normally ... Read More »

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