Top 10 Matching Couple Tattoos

Top 10 Matching Couple Tattoos.The idea of creating matching tattoos comes from old times, when Native American tribes used tribal tattoos. Women and men wore the same tattoo design to recognize each other in afterlife. They believed that it can help them find each other and again live together. This belief was strong enough and each couple had it’s special tattoo design which was unique and incredible. Today many couples choose different styles of tattoos which allows them stand out from the crowd and if happens you see someone with the same tattoo that is depicted on another one’s body, you’ll surely think that they make a couple and it’s their own tattoo design. The more you use your fantasy while thinking of your tattoo the more original it will look. Always try to put a special symbol or mark to your tattoo design so that it could be used only by you two. In this article you can find top 10 matching couple tattoos that will inspire you and your beloved one.

Heart Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple Tattoos (1)Heart is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of a couple tattoo. Besides being the symbol of love the shape of heart is also very beautiful as a tattoo design. There are many creative options for heart tattoos and the common ones are usually depicted with angle wings to show the joy and happiness that your heart lives when you both are together. They can be worn on different body parts and if you want you can divide one heart into two parts   and wear half of it on your body and the other part on your beloved body. It will look very nice and your heart tattoo can become complete only if you and your sweetheart are together.

Infinity Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple Tattoos (2)The symbol of infinity shows the eternal love that you feel towards your sweetheart. It’s an awesome design that is widely used as a tattoo design. It represents “forever” and shows your strong love that can never be broken. In this case again you can divide the design into two parts and have the complete image only when you are together.

Pac Man Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple TattoosThis is a funny way of showing your relationship. If you are a girl you can get a “feminine” and cute Pac man tattoo and if you are man you can get a “masculine” Pac man tattoo. It sounds really funny and interesting. You can get just several dots between them to show that they are going to meet in a kiss.

Lock and Key Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple Tattoos (4)Lock and key tattoos are the most famous couple tattoos, though they are also worn together by one person. Generally the woman wears the lock and the male wears the key tattoo. The lock sometime has a shape of heart. It means is as if male can open the heart of her women. It can also represent the “unlocking” of the female heart.

Quote or Lyrics Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple Tattoos (5)Quotes have always been an impressive means of expressing your feelings. There are millions of love quotes and you can choose the one that you and your beloved person love most. It can be from a book, from a poem or just lyrics from your favorite song.

Puzzle Piece Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple Tattoos (6)This great choice is quite modern and fashionable. It looks pretty and the watcher obviously understands that the half of the puzzle is worn by another one and it means that you two complete each other. It also represents that this couple perfectly fits with each other.

Ring Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple Tattoos (7)If you have decided to get married then ring couple tattoos are for you. You can wear it for your entire life and always have it with you. Sometimes you may forget your metal ring but in the case of a tattoo anything like that will never happen. You can choose a beautiful design for your ring tattoo.

Yin Yang Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple Tattoos (8)Yin yang is a symbol that can be divided into two parts representing two contrasting things that can’t exist without each other. They represent a lot of things including male and female. It’s a perfect choice for couples and looks fascinating.

Plus Minus Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple Tattoos (9)Plus Minus tattoo is worn by creative couples who want to get simple yet meaningful tattoo. These two symbols show the strong relationship and the natural gravitation between man and woman.

Mr. and Mrs. Matching Couple TattooTop 10 Matching Couple TattoosThere is a whole meaning on these two short abbreviations. They are used from middle ages and are still very pretty as a tattoo design. You can get it on your hands or wrists and when you are together you Mr. can complete his Mrs. it will look beautiful if tattooed with black ink.


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