Tree Tattoo Designs 2016

Tree Tattoo Designs 2016.Natural elements have their special place in tattoo art and they are amazing with their meanings and designs. Trees are important part of nature and plays great role in our life. We use trees for different purposes. The tree is a source of oxygen which is necessary for human life. Well, it goes without saying that without oxygen impossible to go on. Many tattoo lovers choose tree tattoos because of their significance.Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (1) Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (2)Surely Tree tattoos are very meaningful. In different cultures trees have different meanings. Actually the roots of tree represent foundation because due to the roots the whole tree is grounded on soil. In spite of natural forces trees continue to stand at its place. The branches of the tree have interesting meanings as well and they are associated with the new beginning and continuation. Now let’s see the significance of trees in some cultures.Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (4) Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (3)In Egyptian culture trees are associated with a life and death. Egyptians has included tress in different legends and myths which make the tattoo very mysterious.According to Chinese legends and myths a tree is a house of phoenix and consequently it stands for resurrection. The Celtic culture has given a great importance to trees as well. For Celtics trees have been seen as food givers and shelters and they are directly or indirectly are connected with human life.Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (6) Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (5)Tree is a part of Buddhism religion too. It is considered that Buddha has spread enlightenment under a tree which is called Bodhi tree. I am sure followers of Buddhism would like to take a tree for their tattoos in order to show their devotion to this religion.Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (8) Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (7)There are many tree tattoos which have different meanings and sizes. They can be depicted on all body parts and but size that you are going to choose is very important. If you like to wear small tattoos choose smaller body parts like finger, wrist, palm, arm, ankle while for large tree tattoo designs you should opt for shoulder, thigh, chest back and sleeve. In all cases all sizes look really beautiful on all body parts.Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (11) Tree Tattoo Designs 2016 (10)There are many species of tress which give the tattoo artists more creative ideas and there are huge number of tree tattoos which are very popular. According to the tattoo artists tattoo lovers like to choose the following  designs. Actually tree of life represents protection, abundance, strength, wisdom. The design is done based on the real version of the tree. Maybe for this reason it looks too much realistic. The tattoo is depicted with green ink.

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