Wings Tattoo Designs for Women

Wings Tattoo Designs for Women .Whenever we talk about the angel, we think of wings. It is the wings that turn a humanlike character into a holy angel. At least, it’s the case from the appearence. Maybe, that’s the reason why most people regrad wings as something divine. As long as we have wings, we seem to be blessed by God.

Although human beings will never have wings, they still can own their wings by getting the wings tattoos. Wings tattoos are more and more popular among women. One reason is that the wings are of quite beautiful shapes. The other reason may be that they all wish to be as lucky and perfect as an angel.

If you do wish to own your wings, just stay here. We have collected some stylish wings tattoos for you. Big wings, tiny wings, outspread wings and folded wings… You can find any type of wings tattoo design you love here.

Back Tattoo Design With Wings

Wings Tattoo Designs for Women Many wings tattoos are in large sizes so that they can cram the back and look more realistic. This design will make others WOW.

Angel Wings Tattoo DesignWings Tattoo Designs for WomenThis wings tattoo looks very beautiful with the vivid feathers on the back.

Amazing Wings Tattoo ArtWings Tattoo Designs for Women Some women just want to ink wings tattoos on their shoulder blades which is a popular place for women to get a tattoo. Your folded wings will be seen as you wear a halter dress.

Chic Wing Tattoo With A HeartWings Tattoo Designs for Women

Just get your wings tattoo inked on one side of your shoulder blades and add a heart and a crown. You will be considered a happy woman in love, especially when you ink the initial of your lover’s name in the heart.

Beautiful Back Wings Tattoo Design

Wings Tattoo Designs for Women  The outspread wings represent freedom and independence, which makes it quite popular with women. This simple wings tattoo design is quite beautiful for women to try.

Stylish Wings Tattoo For Women

Wings Tattoo Designs for Women  Despite the truth that big wings tattoos look cool and impressive, some people still prefer smaller wings. These little tattoos contain great power and they look gorgeous all the same.

Romantic Wings Tattoo For Women

Wings Tattoo Designs for Women  A pair of small size wings looks lovely and trendy while the word, Love, makes it more romantic. If you are in a good relationship, you may want to try it.

Faddish Wings Tattoo Art

Wings Tattoo Designs for Women  This design is quite interesting. One wing is angel, the other is deamon. It’s just talking about each of us, isn’t it?

Cute Finger Tattoo With Wings

Wings Tattoo Designs for Women  The heel is a covert position to get a tattoo. If you don’t want your boss or someone to know you’ve got a tattoo, just ink it here. Plus, the wing looks so special when inked on the heel.

Wing Tattoo On The Wrist

Wings Tattoo Designs for Women

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